Pearl hot plate

Hot plate

As stated before I like using renewable energy as much as possible. Today, the sky is overcast and very hazy, yesterday the sun created orange reflections on the water at 4 p.m. (because the air is filled with ashes from the forest fires) and ashes rained down until the night. Still my solar panels are now (at 11 a.m.) outputting 105 W; far below their nominal power, but enough to have chargers for Makita tool battery and the drone battery running on the inverter wthout draining the service battery of the boat.

Later, with more sun, we should be able to recharge what I took out in the morning for making coffee. Yes, I now have my little hot plate for brewing coffee in the morning. It is from Pearl, the diameter of the plate is 10cm. Rather than burning gas (which is a fossile fuel after all AND I would not know where to get a new bottle here on Peloponnes if one ran empty) I do my morning coffee on that hot plate. Rated power is 500W – credible, because the inverter seems to draw around 50A from the battery while that plate is heating. After 10 minutes the coffee (about 550ml) is ready and 7-8 Ah (about 0.1 kWh) are gone from the service battery. Around noon on a normal day in Greece it takes less than an hour to recharge that amount. To put the 0.1 kWh into perspective: In the past weeks the solar panels have yielded between 1.3 and 1.8 kWh each day.

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