Welcome to Born2Sail

Welcome to my little, much neglected web site. I hope you will find here – if you care at all – information about me, about my sailing ship, my trips, my learnings and experiences and maybe one gadget or the other which I have on board.

I have to admit that I put much less into these pages than I should or hoped I would. If you are inclined to change that – post comments or ask questions just to keep me motivated!

The structure: there are a few “pages” which you find in the top menu:

  • This Welcome page
  • About me
  • My ship – about my ship
  • Travel nude – about sailing while being naked
  • Join me – information for those interested in sailing with me

Then there is the “Articles” where I am putting most of what I write, hopefully structured so that you can find what’s interesting for you. And finally a section for “Schedule” in which I may put something like my year’s agenda. If you find it empty – I was procrastinating and sailing rather than sitting in front of my PC.

This is where I am (if my AIS can be picked up by a station on the VesselFinder network). If that seems outdated, you can try Marine Traffic. If both don’t work I guess I’m hidden pretty well…

1 thought on “Welcome to Born2Sail”

  1. I’d like a pet gallery; liked the little cat photo (will always appreciate cats) but would like to see more animals, maybe rare to my american eyes. 👀

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