Nude Astypalaia

travel unclad

While this may not be for everyone, I simply love wearing my birthday suit. Especially in warm weather. Or when going for a swim – so awful to sit around in wet pants when coming out of the water. Exception – jellyfish in the water; then a neoprene suit is preferable to skinny dipping. 😉

Also, not wearing clothes can be rather practical. Think eating spaghetti with tomato sauce: White shirt or no shirt – which is easier to clean? And your sun tan (however unhealthy this may be) will be an even one, without those yucky white patches. Downsides? Few. Cold weather or water, of course. And think twice before handling a frying pan with hot oil…

If you are like me, you know how difficult it can be to find beaches where you can be in the nude – or such a holiday home. The answer is a yacht and sunny climate. As soon as I leave „civilisation“ (harbour, marina) I take off my clothes and enjoy being free. Which is one reason why I like being at anchor better than in a harbour. And if anchorages are not crowded, there is typically a distance of about 100m to the next vessel. So far, no fellow crew did ever complain. Once – only two boats were at anchor there – a guy even came by in his dinghy for a chat – wearing nothing but a smile. We then had a beer on his yacht together with his wife, then dressed and had lunch in a restaurant ashore.

So the Fortuna Princess is my mobile naturist paradise. If I have guests, they can wear whatever they want, of course. Swimming gear, tuxedo or fur coat – I don’t mind as long as they don’t mind me wearing nothing but that smile 😊

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