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Would you like to sail with me for a while? Live on the ship, enjoy the sun and the sea? No crowded, noisy beaches. No pebbles and sea urchins – just jump into the sea.
Go sailing again (if you did it before) – or find out whether sailing is for you (if you never did it)? A week or two?

Let me know at, maybe we can work something out. There is room for 1-2 guests. You don’t need to be a sailor… remember, I usually do sail alone. The more you’re willing to learn, the more you can contribute. And if you’re a seasoned sailor already – good for me, I can learn from you.

These are the terms:

  • You need to be okay with the rules on the Fortuna Princess
  • Of course you must be in reasonable physical condition to handle yourself on a boat which is constantly moving – sometimes more than we would like. I’m over 60 and very far from athletic and I can do it…
  • We need to get along…
  • There is no rental fee, no charge for the skipper, you just pay this:
    • Food, drinks, whatever we buy en route in supermarkets and restaurants; including my meals. 😉
    • Fuel/engine time: 10€/hr. We split this cost per person. On a normal day of sailing I run the engine for 0.8-1.5 hrs. Except if the engine time is incurred by you: say you need to be on the island with the airport tomorrow, there’s no wind – so we have to run the engine for 6 hrs to get you there. Then you pay the full engine time.
    • Harbour fees – I usually avoid harbours/marinas because I simply like being at anchor better. Should you want to be in a marina or harbour for any reason, you pay the fees. Same if the ship needs to be in a marina or harbour to embark/disembark you. The exception: if I choose to be in an harbour, maybe to seek shelter from bad weather, then we split the cost. Harbours are usually rather cheap in Greece at 7-15€ per night. Marinas start at about 45€/night.

So – obviously this will be much cheaper than renting a yacht, especially a skippered one 😉

Seasickness: some people are afraid to get sea-sick. I hope this doesn’t happen – it certainly depends on the weather conditions and probably there is a pre-disposition, too. Regardless, I’ve got a number of therapeutic options in one of my drawers.

In 2023 I should be sailing most of June-October.

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