About me

Hi – I’m Felix, born in Germany in 1962. And if we trust the Gallup Strengths Finder, I’m a Learner, an Adaptor and a Relator. I like to learn, I easily adapt to change and I like to deepen relationships I’m in. In other terms I’m a physician, a nerd, a husband, a father – just to name a few terms that might be used to describe myself. I’ve started my medical “career” in surgery and ended with anesthesia. But most of my professional life in between those two I was with Hewlett-Packard in various positions.

At some point I learned to sail. And whenever I flew home from a sailing vacation I found myself wondering: “Why am I going back? Why don’t I stay in those beautiful anchorages in the sun?”

Now – when working in a hospital, you learn not to see your own future with regard to health and life expectancy through rose-colored glasses. To the contrary, you keep meeting patients about your age or younger, who are very ill already – reminding you, that your own time may be running short. So in 2019 I started investigating about the cost of owning a sailing yacht. And this triggered a slow process – and one step at a time I got closer to first buying a yacht and then deciding to abandon the safety of a “regular life” in exchange for sailing as long as I’m able to. This is hoping that there will be many years of sailing left.

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