2019 – The inception

It started on a summer day in 2019. Basking in the sun near a local lake I surfed the web reading about what it takes to own a yacht and sail the seven seas.

During that research I watched a number of videos by two guys who now call themselves the “Bootsprofis“. Back then I was only dreaming about owning a boat and sailing it. But maybe I was being caught by an undercurrent in the river of life in those days. Some months later I learned that the Bootsprofis had started a new business: consulting dreamers like me and helping them to find the boat they want, need and can afford. This might be a sign, I thought, and decided to get in touch with them. You know – if you want to follow the river of life, you need sense currents and feel when you should change direction and follow the flow rather than swimming against a current.

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